For those that were trying to following the Arizona Superior Court related to this website and could not due to a previous court order you may do now that the case is over. Please be patient as the the website is under construction. Factual content related to the case will be added on a regular basis for those that are un clear on the facts of the case and what REALLY happened.

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What Makes This Site Different? We Offer Both Current And Past Sex Offender Records Nationwide. Even if the sex offender is not required to register that does not mean the record itself goes away. The information is still public and available through many court and private databases nationwide. This is one of them offering 10 powerful search engines.

Why do we archive sex offender data ? Well for one it’s all  public record and always will be..  and most important.. Once a sex offender is off the registry how would you ever know their true past? Think About It.. Your neighbor can be a child molester and not be on the registry because of a number of law changes or loop holes in the system. (THAT’S  A BAD THING) There are so many ways  sex offenders find to get off the registry early and  This is the only site in the world that archives the sex offender records and reproduced  them under Federal laws for public access.